Document Shredding

Confidential Document Shredding

Rishton Waste Paper provide a confidential shredding service for businesses and organisations in Lancashire and throughout the North West for high security shredding, secure document destruction and confidential waste disposal that ensures complete security.

Unauthorised use of sensitive business data is one of the biggest security threats in modern business and requires disposal by specialist services using only security vetted staff and fully documented procedures. Utilising a specialist confidential data destruction company is the simplest way to ensure that sensitive document waste is disposed of in a controlled and compliant manner.

Rishton Confidential Shredding Services offer a complete service with an approved secure collection and confidential disposal service that provides sensitive material destruction that you can rely on.

With our Secure Shredding service you can ensure that your confidential waste is disposed of securely and in line with your exact requirements.

Document Shredding Service

We collect from your offices in our secure dedicated vehicles.

We provide you with secure heavy duty reusable sacks, if required, to gather documents for shredding. You can have your documents collected whenever you wish.

All document destruction is certificated. We maintain an audit trail of all documents from collection to destruction. Clients receive a certificate of confidentiality, dated and signed by a witness, to authenticate that specific material was shredded.

Sensitive information collected for disposal remains secure throughout the process and is shredded in the shortest possible time.

Our premises include a Secure Compound – a locked fence divides the area in which the confidential bags of paper are stored and fed into our shredder before transfer of the shredded paper for onward disposal. This ensures that documents are seen only by personnel in the locked area and actively feeding the machine. Documents brought in by our dedicated collection vehicle are driven into this secure area and fed directly into shredder. 24 hour recording Security Cameras within the compound are monitored from our offices. Sensitive information is never at risk of being seen by unauthorised individuals and you can be sure that your confidential waste is being disposed of in line with your organisation’s own specifications and securuty policies.

Free on-site assessments are available. To assist us in providing the best solution for you, we offer a free initial consultation and on-site assessment. Contact us today to find out more.


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