Waste Paper Processing

Waste Paper Processing in Lancashire

Our processing facility features two Paal baling machines. The Konti 275 F excels in cardboard and newsprint baling with 80 tonnes of pressure, while the PGS 60/40, with 60 tonnes of pressure, specializes in higher-grade papers. Both machines operate seamlessly via infloor conveyor belts. We Accept the following:

Waste Paper Shredding

Introducing our outdoor shredder, a robust solution for diverse materials. With high-capacity performance, it efficiently processes a variety of materials, ensuring a tailored waste management solution that meets your unique needs. Enhance your waste processing efficiency with our outdoor shredder. For personalized quotes and to discuss how it can benefit your operations, contact us today.

Explore comprehensive waste management solutions designed to meet your specific needs by contacting us today. Request personalized quotes for our advanced Paal baling machines, elevating your efficiency in recycling cardboard, paper, and polythene. Streamline your waste management system with our cutting-edge solutions.

Paper Compacting

Our main building houses two Paal baling machines, each serving distinct purposes. The Konti 275 F, boasting 80 tonnes of pressure per square inch, efficiently compacts cardboard and newsprint. In contrast, the PGS 60/40, with 60 tonnes of pressure per square inch, is tailored for baling higher grades of paper, such as best white, printers waste, tissue, and polythene. Both machines seamlessly integrate with infloor conveyor belts for a streamlined and effective waste

For comprehensive waste management solutions tailored to your needs, contact us today. Obtain personalized quotes for our Paal baling machines and enhance your efficiency in cardboard, paper, and polythene recycling. management system.


Sustainable Solutions in Waste Paper Recycling

Revolutionizing recycling practices, our sustainable solutions redefine waste paper management.

Trusted by the Local Community

Recognized and relied upon by local councils, we responsibly process and manage community waste with trust and efficiency.

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