Waste Plastic Processing

Waste Plastic Processing in Lancashire

Utilizing a Twin Ram Harris baler with an on-site conveyor, our processing facility efficiently handles rigid plastics. This streamlined baling process ensures optimal bale weight, facilitating convenient onward shipping. We accept the following materials:

Waste Plastic Processing Facilites

Our on-site Twin Ram Harris baler, complete with a conveyor, efficiently processes materials, resulting in well-weighted bales ideal for easy onward shipping. This streamlined system enhances the effectiveness of our operations, providing a seamless solution for managing materials and ensuring optimal efficiency in the shipping process.

For further details on optimizing your materials processing with our Twin Ram Harris baler and conveyor system, contact us today. Let’s tailor a solution that suits your specific needs.


Sustainable Solutions in Waste Paper Recycling

Revolutionizing recycling practices, our sustainable solutions redefine waste paper management.

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Recognized and relied upon by local councils, we responsibly process and manage community waste with trust and efficiency.

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