About Us

About Us

Lancashire's Trusted Waste Processor for 39 Years

Established in 1984 by Bill Braysford, the company initially operated from a small unit in town. Later, Bill’s wife, Joan (now retired), and his sons, Billy and Andrew, took over. In 1985, they relocated to the Riverside Industrial Estate, previously the Rishton Paper Mill.

 The facility comprises two warehouses, one spanning 8,000 sq ft and the other 7,000 sq ft, alongside yard storage with a capacity for up to 1,000 tonnes of waste paper and recyclables.tor at sem.

Commitment to Sustainability

We're dedicated to sustainable practices, minimizing environmental impact with innovation.

40 Years in the Business

For four decades, we've pioneered waste management solutions with expertise.

Family-Run Company

As a family-run business, our values center on trust and integrity.

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The Team

Our Experts

Billy Braysford

Company Director

Andy Braysford

Company Director


Sustainable Solutions in Waste Paper Recycling

Revolutionizing recycling practices, our sustainable solutions redefine waste paper management.

Trusted by the Local Community

Recognized and relied upon by local councils, we responsibly process and manage community waste with trust and efficiency.

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